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Photography | ‘Young + Restless’ Dorian Magazine Winter 2012

Photography | ‘Young + Restless’ Dorian Magazine Winter 2012

We all need a little eye candy in our life and the editors at Dorian Magazine never disappoint! You’ve never heard of Dorian magazine you say? “DORIAN Magazine is Scandinavia’s leading glossy quarterly fashion- and gay magazine is created by an award winning editorial team that add bold European appeal to world class editorials and features, seducing cosmopolitan readers everywhere.” 

Leave it to the Scandinavian’s to come out with this racy and too hot for words editorial featuring the likes of Kyle Ellison, Eric Belanger, Stefan, Nick Snider, Jonathan Nielssen, & Ryan Bertroche.

Photographed by Joseph Sinclair with styling by Roy Fire & Tal Peer.

Photos: Dorian Magazine

Julio Reyes

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