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Look Book | Moose Knuckles Essentials

Look Book | Moose Knuckles Essentials

With the cold Canadian winter finally making its way into the country – yes I say finally, because quite frankly we’ve barely had a winter this season. I know I’m the unpopular opinion when I want all of you to rejoice during the winter months. When dressed appropriately the winter isn’t the worst thing you could live through. Layer up with core thermals, bust out those wool blends and throw on a proper parka.

Enter, Moose Knuckles, a home-grown outerwear brand that has craftsmanship in its ethos. The brand’s full history and origin story at Moose Knuckles Canada. Moose Knuckles uses certified, 100% ethically sourced premium RDS (Responsible Down Standard)  ducking goose downs to ensure superior performance and quality. Higher fill power provides maximum warmth without weighing you down and Saga-certified furs ensure that only the most ethically and sustainable sourced furs are used.

The Moose Knuckles Essentials for men take their utilitarian influences to new levels with diverse and functional pockets, rivets and some with removable hoods. And gents, waist-lengths or longer are a must – period

Women’s Essentials have full-body warmth in mind. With longer lengths to ensure all those cold drafts aren’t riding up in your jackets, y’all won’t be shivering! With functional component’s at the forefront; the silhouettes all feature down-fill , heavy duty yet ultra-soft and cozy protective luxe pocketing & some with fur lining and accents on the hood.

Styles are available in select Moose Knuckles stores across Canada and

Photos: Moose Knuckles

Julio Reyes

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