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Look Book | Levi’s X Harvey Milk Foundation

Look Book | Levi’s X Harvey Milk Foundation


A classic is a classic and I don’t want to generalize the Levi’s brand or categorize them in this gay stereotypical bubble but this brand alignment is brilliant!


Levi’s, a company established in 1853 has its fair share of history and many of us can have heated arguments as to who comes on top in the denim categories based on our personal experiences with said brand. But Levi’s connection and history with a subculture fighting for basic human rights throughout the 60s straight through the 80s goes much deeper; said subculture (at the time) was the gay community. A brand that became part of a uniform (predominately through hyper-sexualized stereotypes) for a generation and simultaneously becoming part of pop culture has been with those discovering who they and are proud of it.

Levi’s Pride 2016 collection continues with the brand’s tradition of supporting the LGBTQ community, with a portion of proceeds benefitting the Harvey Milk Foundation. Tank tops and tees bare a timeline of fundamental LGBTQ rights dates, highlighting the year 1977, when Milk was elected to office in San Francisco  & denim pieces, which consists of a jacket, short shorts, a baseball cap, and an indigo bandana, are adorned with rainbow patches and Harvey Milk quotes.

View the collection below and available here.

Levis-x-Harvey-Milk-Foundation 2
Levis-x-Harvey-Milk-Foundation 3
Levis-x-Harvey-Milk-Foundation 5 (1)
Levis-x-Harvey-Milk-Foundation 5 (2)

Photos: Levi’s

Julio Reyes

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