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Food & Lifestyle | Simply Choices

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With fashion week over and with it another season to look forward to I sometimes stop and wonder how we manage to keep a busy schedule and stay fed. Luckily for Julio and I, this World MasterCard Fashion Week that wasn’t the case thanks to our friends at Simply Choices; we had the snacks and treats to keep us going all week long.

We all have our ideas about what healthy food and snacking actually tastes like, but I promise you that these snacks are about to change that for all of us. I learnt that Simply Choices is all about filling up naturally, gluten free, dairy free, and are vegetarian friendly. Wellness Foods, the parent company behind all of these products, is a Canadian company that has your best interests in mind. They understand the necessity of snacking and listening to your body and found that the market didn’t have healthy options that actually tasted good.


Traditionally, protein bars tend to be tough and can leave that chalky taste in your mouth. Not with Simply Choices – their Simply Protein ® Whey bars are light and refreshing. Think the consistency of Rice Crispy treats without all those empty calories and sugar. My personal favourite is hands down the chocolate mint; sweet enough with more health benefits then calories, this snack gets me through the toughest day.


Those of you who crave salty snacks but can’t bare to think what a bag of chips will do to your hips, don’t worry. Take a bag of the Simply Protein® Chips with you on your day to satiate that craving. Indulge in flavours like roasted tomato, or my favourite, chilli flavour for a kick of salty and spicy. 15 grams of protein, 140 calories per bag, 2 grams of sugar… who knew Pea Protein would taste so good?


Lastly, absolutely my favourite hands down of all their products The Simply Protein® Crunch! The crunchy whey protein snack that comes in three flavours and have 10 grams of protein and 8 grams of fibre. You must, must, MUST try the Banana Caramel & Cashew Flavour! It might just be the most delicious snack I’ve ever had!

Simple changes make the biggest impact, be it for dietary restrictions or a lifestyle change in your life, these are great options; Julio & I are now keeping them in the condo! So get out there and try some of these tasty and healthy alternatives and make sure to tweet @SimplyChoices & @DoTheDaniel and tell us your favs!

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Photos by: Simply Choices

Daniel Desforges

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