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Editorial | “Man From Murica” ft. Diego Barrueco By Olivier Rieu

Editorial | “Man From Murica” ft. Diego Barrueco By Olivier Rieu


Canadian-based VULKAN Magazine tap Spanish favourite, Diego Barrueco in this story titled, Man from Murcia.

Barrueco sits down with the mag to discuss his career, life & huge social media following. Read a snippet of the 1-on-1 below and check out the full interview on VULKAN! Barrueco is photographed by Olivier Rieu in underwear by Homme and Calvin Klein & pieces from H&M and Zara.

If you were not modelling had you ever considered doing another profession?

I wanted to be a spanish teacher abroad, travel around the world teaching spanish is really cool to me. 

Football is a great passion of yours did you ever consider playing professionally?

Haha nahhh, I’ve been playing football since I remember as my father is a big fan of the sport, but I never considered being professional cause in Spain there is a lot of competition.

When did you first discover instagram and start gaining so many followers?

I think i joined ig about 4 years ago or so when not many people were on it. I gradually changed from tumblr to instagram (like many others) so I got all my followers from tumblr following me on ig.

Do you have any tips?

Just be you, dont post fake shit cause thats not what people want…


Photos: VULKAN Magazine

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