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Beauty | Acqua Essenziale Blu & Signorina Eleganza Fragrances by Salvatore Ferragamo

Beauty | Acqua Essenziale Blu & Signorina Eleganza Fragrances by Salvatore Ferragamo

I love fragrances, but I can be picky. I can’t stand cheap fragrances, the ones that you can literally smell the alcohol off of. Ugh, kill me! But I appreciate the dedication, elegance and refinement a well made fragrance has. Enter, Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest additions to their fragrance line; Acqua Essenziale Blu (for men) and Signorina Eleganza (for men).

Both fragrances are extensions of their predecessors Acqua Essenziale & Signorina that channel a younger and lively scent – and to be honest I personally prefer these two new options than the original two!


Acqua Essenziale Blu: Inspired by the natural impulse of water and the authenticity of Salvatore Ferragamo’s style, Acqua Essenziale Blu, explores new sensorial dimensions. The spicy vibrations of Green Cardamom embrace the energy of grapefruit together with the freshness of Bergamot to create intense and delicate top notes. In the heart notes, a surprising twist of a cutting-edge molecule, the Cascalone, joins the boisé perfume of the Cedarwood Atlas and the smoky leather notes of Cypriol, furtherly enhanced by a powerful scent of Lavander. The dry down note is a distinctivly intense essence thanks to the sensual scent of Benzoin and warm notes of Ambrox.

50ml eau de toilette spray: $75 CDN / 100ml eau de toilette spray $97 CDN


Signorina Eleganza: The fresh head notes of grapefruit and pear are a vivacious and stimulating introduction while Almond powder and golden osmanthus petals create a delicate yet intense heart, adding a touch of indulgent luxury. And the base notes of patchouli and white leather create a dry-down effect that leaves a luscious, lingering scent on the skin.

50ml eau de parfum spray $102 CDN / 100ml eau de parfum spray $140 CDN

Check out the Signorina Eleganza campaign video below:

Photos & Video: Salvatore Ferragamo

Julio Reyes

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