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Fashion | Polette Eyewear

Fashion | Polette Eyewear

Just about everyone have come to know me for eyeglasses or sunglasses and many have wondered, awed or complained as to why I wear sunglasses all the time, even indoors. The truth, I’m freaking blind people. Blind as a bat. And over the years I’ve spent a lot of money on eyewear (a necessity for me because I FEAR contact lenses) for both functionality and fashion purposes. I won’t argue that designer frames and craftsmanship in fine eyewear isn’t something to appreciate or marvel at but it’s expensive if you’re constantly updating!



I’m always cautious when it comes to ‘off-the-rack’ or fast fashion because as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Honestly. But then I was approached by Polette, an online optical store that promised to be everything I wanted in fashion forward design & practical functionality at unbelievable price points, I was blown away. Having a huge following and grasp on the European market, specifically France;  the company has made its way to North America! But how do they do it? How are they able to sell eyewear (WITH PRESCRIPTION!) starting at $9.99?! Their unique production drastically reduces costs because they ship directly from their production factory. Cutting out packing, shipping and retailer costs.

So you don’t really have anything to loose people. Shop their extensive and ever growing collection on

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Me rocking out this summer with probably the most obnoxiously big sunglasses, the KYO.


Photos: Polette & FASHIONIGHTS Instagram

Julio Reyes

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