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Beauty & Grooming | Sassoon Salon Makeover

Beauty & Grooming | Sassoon Salon Makeover

Over the past few months, I can honestly say that I’ve been having A LOT of fun with experimenting with my new hairstyle(s). From accenting my exaggerated pompadour with electric blue highlights to completely cutting off my signature ‘do and replacing it with a fashion-forward blunt bang. Big thanks to the talented & detail-oriented Paolo Covello, Senior Stylist at Sassoon Salon! I’ve loved every step of my hair transformation.

As a stylist and fashion blogger, I have to keep track of the men’s collections throughout Europe and this season I saw a number of not only models, but designers and show guests rocking short cropped hairstyles and it dawned on me: I should just shock EVERYONE and get my hair cut super short and just let it be. What resulted was my take on a blunt bang. Think 90s-boy’s-bowl-cut-meets-editorial-sharpness. I had mentioned to Paolo that my hair tends to be flat if I don’t blow dry it and he responded with, “this style will cut time on doing your hair and will work with how your hair naturally falls, emphasizing the style.” Precision cutting and lining up how my hair fell onto my forehead was what Paolo focused on and I loved every second of it. Asking what products (specifically underrated products) I should implement into my daily routine, Paolo looked up and said “mousse.” And that’s what he did. He grabbed a bottle of Kerastase Mousse and applied it throughout my hair, grabbed the blow dryer to volumize and finished off with a flat iron – yes, a flat iron to create a defined and bold line-up framing my forehead. I. Was. In. Love. With. It.



Normally shying from hair colour, I came into this journey telling myself I’d dye my hair because it’s something I’ve never really done. Yes, I introduced the blue highlights to you already but what you don’t know is that they were my lead-up to a bigger, more dramatic change. Dipping my feet into the colour pool if you will. That’s where Sassoon Toronto Colour Director, John Beeson comes in.

I had an idea of what I wanted, leaning towards going a cool grey-blue, and noted that I also didn’t mind if it were lighter. I showed him all the photo inspiration on Instagram and he made an immediate conclusion: “they’re all quite light, nearing white really.” I hadn’t really noticed. Wait, what? Was I really into bordering being a blonde?! No – I didn’t want to be blonde because I knew I wanted a cooler hue. Because this was the first time I’d met with John I was curious about his professional past as he has been working with Sassoon since 1977 (40 years!) with 23 years of those devoted to building the colour department at Sassoon Toronto. I was quite taken with John’s serious & straight forward nature and asked if he could name one hair care “do” and one hair care “don’t?” He immediately answered my “don’t” – box dying your own hair. Completely understandable from a man who’s spent most of his adult life setting the standard for technique & colour application for Sassoon hair colour. His comment of how open-minded I was about hair colour was understood that he was someone who appreciated when people tried something new. Before he continued, I asked what’s the best way to protect colour? He suggested I use a shampoo with toner to keep the colour vivid, but regular maintenance is key. He then looks down at me and says something along the lines of “well I know what I’m going to do.” I looked at him and said, “Honestly, go to town I’m not worried.”


I’m mixed Asian-Latino, my hair is so dark we had to ensure my hair would take the new colour – and bleach was a must. Following the bleaching process, which to be honest I didn’t mind, and found myself channeling Draco Malfoy. John toned my hair and the result was nothing short of amazing. My hair was washed and I didn’t even need to see it dry because I LOVED the shade of grey John decided on. In the sunlight, I had to double take if I saw hints blue so the colour is still challenging for me to name but as I awoke the next morning it was definitely grey – a cement grey colour and I didn’t care if no one liked it. I LOVED IT.


Now, you guys know I like to give y’all a little something – many have been really vocal on social on how you’re loving or are excited to see what I do next with my hair but I want to turn it back on you with an Instagram contest for a chance to win a Sassoon Salon makeover valued at $300!

All you have to do is follow @FASHIONIGHTS & @SassoonToronto on Instagram, leave a comment on the photo below tagging three (3) friends for a chance to win a Sassoon experience for yourself!

N.B: One (1) Instagram comment per entrant. Entrant must be following both @FASHIONIGHTS & @SassoonToronto on Instagram and follow tagging guidelines to be entered to win. Contest odds depends on how many valid entries are received. Contest closes July 27, 2017 at 8:00PM EST. Winners will be chosen at random and announced via @FASHIONIGHTS’ Instagram & blog post. Contest winner will be contacted via Instagram and subsequently emailed for personal details to have prize voucher sent to them. Prize redeemed must be in the form of a Sassoon Toronto Makeover Voucher. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash value. Contest open to Canadian residents only.

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