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Look Book | OKV ‘Primo Edition’

You guys all know I’m constantly keeping tabs on Canadian designers – because quite frankly #WearCanadian is the direction in which I’ll be leaning towards. I know it’s an agenda and I don’t care; we need to support our own and cultivate the creativity here so designers don’t establish themselves internationally. That and we owe it to the planet to know where our things are coming from, are they sustainably produced, who actually made our pieces and how does my purchase not only benefit the industry but gives us a product that’ll actually last. You’ve all heard it before,...

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Beauty & Grooming | Wise Men’s Care

I’m nearing my 30s and whether I’ve had a spiritual awakening is beyond me. But I view things differently; have less time for nonsense, frivolous purchases and the mundane bullshit fashion & the industry push onto its consumer. I pay close attention to the impact I, and my platform have on my audience and subsequently the world we live. But that’s not this blog post and I don’t want to sound preachy and shit so I’ll show you different options, products & alternatives. By now my position on sustainability, reducing my (and your) carbon footprint & ceasing the shopping of...

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Fashion | Parajumpers JOSH Jacket Bomber #PJSFriends

Compared to recent years, this winter has been been pretty cold. Remember those horrific few days during the holidays where temps dipped to -22 with the windchill?! Brutal. But we’re in Canada – it gets freaking cold! Frankly, I love the cold, a Latino cold-loving weirdo that rejoices whenever it snows and gets excited for having to wear any form of layered pieces. Listen, if you’re dressed effectively against the cold, winter really is a fun time. From thick wool socks & thermal underwear to chunky knits and appropriate outerwear – you’re set. Appropriate outerwear is a critical one...

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Beauty & Grooming | Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette Fragrance

Following the release of Eau de Parfum and Extrait Absolu, Shiseido now presents Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette. While still exuding the same air of sophistication. serenity and timeless beauty that characterizes the series, Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette emerges as a novel opportunity for the woman in pursuit of a scent that lets her express her true and unique self-sensually, yet effortlessly. Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette is a natural, captivating scent created to complement the innate qualities that embody the wearer, illuminating her inner beauty. Defying the traditional pyramidal structure of fragrances, Ever Bloom is comprised of...

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Fashion | Bulova Reintroduces the Chronograph C

As someone who has dressed men and women for various shoots, events, commercials or print ads, accessorizing has got to be my favourite thing to put on anyone. Whether it’s a sky high platform, a pristine leather tote or a hat that completes a look – I have to say my affinity for timepieces tops everything. I’ve joked that I can open up my own accessory store selling my watches but in all honestly, I rotate all of them regularly making it difficult to part with any! I don’t really need to introduce Bulova, considering the brand is easily...

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