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Technology | Cherishing Precious Moments With #HPLifeMoments

Technology | Cherishing Precious Moments With #HPLifeMoments

When Daniel and I got married in the Dominican Republic, we took to Periscope to broadcast it live online to all of our followers. At the time, Periscope was picking up steam as the new social channel to use and as online savvy individuals – we obviously took to the fresh outlet to broadcast our nuptials – LIVE FROM THE D.R. Fast forward 6 months later and we have a super-pixelated video from the wedding that we never really ended up rewatching. Fortunately we still have the images from the day taken by our wedding photographer. She captured the lead up, ceremony & post and we loved how they turned out. We received a couple double copies of some of the photos we liked and a CD with the rest. We find ourselves looking at the images in which we’ve yet to print out.


Now, thanks to the wonders of technology we have the opportunity to print out those images using an HP Printer; because precious moments like a wedding day should be cherished forever. HP worked with wedding photographer, Scarlet O’Neill to develop a wide-scale mural showing just how amazing HP printing truly is. The mural, comprised of thousands (4000+) of O’Neill’s photos of one couple, printed out using an HP Printer was featured at the Toronto Bridal Show of which Daniel & I had the chance to see (while also snapping our own photos).

Printing from your mobile device is easier than ever, at home or on the go with the latest in wireless printing. How do I know? Daniel and I easily printed an image we took at the Bridal show, connected our phones directly to the printed and printed it out – without a network!


Check out the scale of the HP mural and a bts video of just how the mural was created below!

Julio Reyes

*This is a sponsored post, HP Canada has provided compensation for this post. Disclosure can be found here*

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