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#FSNTravels | #SayHelloToLove With Booking Hello

#FSNTravels | #SayHelloToLove With Booking Hello

Having the opportunity to travel is a blessing. Growing up, things were tight and mom didn’t have the disposable income to have flown herself my brother and myself to tropical getaways or weekend trips to a cottage and all those trips that seem to be part of my life now. Yes, we went back home to Guatemala a couple of times but that was nowhere near a beach and nothing like the “family vacation” that many of my school friends described of tropical drinks, elaborate pools and beach-braided hair upon arrival. I was constantly confused when those classmates discussed such trips. But had my mother (and the rest of my family for that matter) had something like Booking Hello – things would have been much easier, convenient and reasonable for shipping our lot off for some fun in the sun.

Booking Hello offers its members unique services & price points within the market and access to special discounted rates in over 80,000 hotels, car rentals, helicopters, airplanes, yachts, theme parks and cruise companies to travel around the world. These services and varied packages can be anything for a family getaway & group adventure or honey moon & wedding destination. Those familiar with the FASHIONIGHTS family you would’ve realized we’re VERY familiar with the #HelloExperience – having had an UNFORGETTABLE experience in Tulum, Mexico (here, here & here) it was only natural for us to hit up the Dominican Republic this time for another memorable experience, this time as we #SayHelloToLove

At this point you all know the surprise Daniel and I sprang on you when we announced we were getting married at Catalonia Royal Bávaro; – I’ll get into detail in my second post on our #SayHelloToLove experience (or click Daniel’s link above).

But before I get ahead of myself I wanted to share our daily happenings on our #SayHelloToLove adventure with Booking Hello & Catalonia Royal Bávaro

Day One (Sunday, Nov 29th): Unpack & Explore:

Landing on an predominately overcast day, the initial heat wave that hit Daniel, Gracie (Carroll), Josh and I made up for the lack of sun. Our transfer (transportation vehicle), which is easily organized through Booking Hello was diligently waiting, scooped us up from the airport and quickly drove us to the Catalonia Royal Bávaro – we checked in and Daniel & I immediately made ourselves at home in our luxe honeymoon suite, complete with wrap-around balcony overlooking the resort grounds.

Day Two (Monday, November 3oth): Debrief meeting & Property Tour:

Little did you guys on social media know that on day two, Daniel and I had an early morning meeting with the wedding planners (Evelyn and Bianca) to discuss in detail our wedding day. Finalizing last things like the music, what time were we starting things and what exactly was going down so that we can share it (LIVE) on Periscope.

Fast forward a little later and we met with Catalonia Royal Bávaro‘s community manager, Liza whom guided us throughout the Royal Bávaro property alongside the adjacent family resort, Catalonia Bávaro (two resorts – one GIANT property). Exploring the elaborate oasis-like ponds and lagoons throughout the lush complex to the (personal favourite) Sea Blue cocktail bar that had me at the first chocolate martini and then making a surprise visit to the neighbouring, über luxe Pearl Beach Club Punta Cana complete with Moët branded poolside cabanas.

Day Three (Tuesday, December 1st) Safari Tour:

No, by safari I do not mean us being strapped onto a 4X4 Jeep gawking and gazing at wildlife – it’s a guided eco-tour that had us exploring the country’s diverse topography, cultured towns (massive basilica below), local schooling system, sustainable coffee & cacao farm (IN THE MOUNTAINS) horse back-riding at a ranch and enjoying a few minutes at Mucao beach.

We bought some mountain Mama Juana (the drink of choice in the DR) & cacao moisturizing creme locally made by the family-owned and operated coffee & cacao farm. This shit is legit.

Day Four (Wednesday, December 2nd) Relax and Coco Bongo Punta Cana & Imagine Punta Cana:

This was the day we were able to just drink, bake under the sun, drink, swim in the pool, drink, bathe in the turquoise waters, drink and of course, drink. (Note by the pic below. That’s. All. I. Did. That. Day. Drink.) No honestly, we were on vacation and what’s a day (or two) to do absolutely NADA and just enjoy yourself? Lord knows we all need to calm the hell down and have a drink.

I also decided I wanted to test out scuba diving (free as one of the scheduled pool activities that day) because you know, I can’t swim so naturally I wanted to try scuba diving. Interesting tidbit for all you fellow non-swimmers, you don’t need to know how to swim to scuba dive. Holla!

Enter Coco Bongo Punta Cana. This outlandish show-meets-club-meets-all-out-rager was, like our first #HelloExperience, one of the HIGHLIGHTS and despite being a touch less busy than Playa Del Carmen was a BLAST. The kitsch, the shows, the music. All of it. You go there to have fun and that’s ALWAYS what you’ll there. #CocoBongoStyle all the way y’all!

Flashes of my early 20s club-hopping days were relived that night when we dipped Coco Bongo and headed to imagine Punta Cana. This local and tourist hotspot is a guaranteed good time a  perfect spot to let loose and dance your face off. Located in a cave, yes a huge cave, sectioned off into different “rooms” playing everything from Electronic & Merengue to Bachata & Reggaeton, imagine is banging.

Stay tuned for my #SayHelloToLove wedding story soon…

Julio Reyes

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