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Ad Campaign | Andrew Coimbra S/S 2016 by Mckenzie James

Ad Campaign | Andrew Coimbra S/S 2016 by Mckenzie James


Menswear favourite (my favourite anyways), Andrew Coimbra launches his S/S 2016 campaign with a varied lot of models that one can assume is reflective of being raised in Toronto. I get it – I’m constantly advocating for a diverse range of models that depict the society we live in. How is that the (international) fashion industry insists on bombarding us with white-blasted imagery selling us product?! The fact that I’m starting off this blog post in 2016 regarding skin tone is ludicrous to me.


The Toronto native commissions photographer Mckenzie James to shoot the latest campaign starring Allegra, Jason, Matthew, Steve, Travis, Sadiq, Dale Fraser (Plutino Models) Brandon Mainville (MSA Models NY) & Erik (Swish Model Management).

For Spring 2016, a menswear collection that is womenswear-able. Blurring the importance of gender boundaries, by showing the gender flexibility of men’s streetwear. A collaboration between photographer, artist, and designer was set into motion. Elegant portraits by Canadian photographer Mckenzie James of male and female models in the nude concealing their faces were recreated in oil paint on canvas by talented, young American portrait artist Luis Valencia ( Using detailed, fine strokes, the portraits become alive with movement and the romance of celebrating the human body. The final touch added by designer Andrew Coimbra of digital art offers a fresh, contemporary dimension to the collection’s main theme.

Pink lavender, pink orchid, and soft, airy blue in effortlessly light linens and cotton shirting are contrasted by luxurious Lambskin Leathers and cool Tencel trousers in neutral tones. Paint-like flecks in all-over prints speckled throughout the collection continue Coimbra’s seasonal exploration of texture through prints on fabrics.


Photos & video: Andrew Coimbra

Julio Reyes

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