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#FSNTravels | W Montreal #InsiderCollective

Over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to travel both locally and abroad to places including Mexico, Dominican Republic and the beautiful province of Ontario I call home. Keeping the momentum going this year; both Daniel and I have scheduled trips to keep things interesting for our respective blogs. I love to travel and whilst growing up I may not have had the chance to get out there, I’m certainly making up for lost time. Being Canadian, and a proud one at that, I often find we don’t take advantage of the beauty and diversity our country is rich with. Historically, with a relatively short existence as a nation, many view Canada as a culturally-starved country riddled with cold desolation and mild-mannered inhabitants. Being the second largest country in the world with a diverse topography ranging from glacial mountaintops to fertile plains and the melting pot we’re known for; Canada is making a name for itself.

Entering the W Montreal you’re welcomed by both warms and cool tones given the lobby’s dark wood paneling and moody lighting. Aptly named The Living Room, the lobby’s familiarity is something many relate to given the space’s luxe seating arrangements comprised of lounging chairs and sofas complete with pillow accents. Given anytime of the day, you’re sure to find guests hanging out either relaxing or getting work done. I get it – sometimes you want to get out of your room and change your atmosphere. Which leads me to the W Montreal’s Suites. The recently restyled rooms are something out of a fashion magazine without the fucking pretension. And yes I use the word restyled because it’s meticulous presented as in the world of the glossies. With the W’s stylists keen eye to attention to details, the suites are stylized in the vision of The W Hotel’s philosophy of fashion, music and design. And through this philosophy the suite’s details are evident throughout the room – from the accents of yellow, gold & chrome to the historical references of the building’s financial past that include herringbone carpets paying homage to the hardwood floors of the former bank.

2016 02 03_014

W Hotels’ #InsiderCollective is an ever-evolving project where W Hotel guests are kept on the pulse of what’s new and next within the city in which they’re staying. Throughout the W Hotels’, the Insider (this person connected to the city’s happenings) is the cherry atop of a decadent cake which for us, elevated our stay at the W Montreal. Curating an eclectic tour from visiting ateliers & showrooms of Canadian designers to eating at some of the city’s best restaurants & experiencing Igloofest, the trip gave me a different prespective of Montreal.

2016 02 03_0192016 02 03_0262016 02 03_0332016 02 03_088 2016 02 03_0862016 02 03_093 2016 02 03_0992016 02 03_1092016 02 03_113 2016 02 03_124

Throughout our stay we had the opportunity to get pampered in the W’s AWAY spa, worked it out in the hotel’s gym appropriately named, FIT; and ate like royalty (see pics above) at seafood destination, E.A.T (Être Avec Toi). One of thee trip’s most memorable experience was the 10 annual Igloofest – which celebrates local and international electronic music artists all in one location.

2016 02 04_0082016 02 04_0122016 02 04_0992016 02 04_0822016 02 04_085

Huge shoutouts to the entire W Montreal team of staff, organizers, partners, designers and brands that made this trip such an enjoyable success – I’m truly grateful for it and cannot wait to get back into the W Montreal. Your’re all amazing!

Photos (except first 3): Michelle Gagne

Julio Reyes



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