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Editorial | 10 Years of Menswear Fantastic Man F/W 2015 ft. Clément Chabernaud


Clément Chabernaud spectacularly showcases the most significant looks of the past decade’s menswear collections in this story for the latest issue of FANTASTIC MAN.

Chabernaud stars in this editorial wearing looks that helped define the trends throughout the mid-2000s and beautifully curated by stylist, Julian Ganio. Ensembles from the likes of Prada, Calvin Klein Collection, Thom Browne, Raf Simons, Dior Homme and many others are all on full display shot by Daniel Riera.

What trends did these collections and specific pieces play in menswear design? Created staples even. Many of which people aren’t even aware of. Dior Homme re-popularizing the skinny black suit. Prada’s platform brogues in which men’s footwear now (try to) incorporate an elevated sole.

Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy6Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy4Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy2   Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy11Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy8Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy5  Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy10Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy9Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy7    Clement-Chabernaud-by-Daniel-Riera_fy3


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