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Ad Campaign | Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 by Glen Luchford


Gucci leading the way again – this time featuring an all black cast of models for the Prefall 2017 campaign.

Inspired by the photographs of artist Malick Sidibé, who in the 60s and 70s captured youth culture in Africa, the Pre-Fall 2017 campaign video reflects the vibrant attitude of the collection. Referencing the spirit of England’s underground Northern Soul movement from the 60s and 70s, the campaign explores the freedom of expression found in music and dance.

Set in the Mildmay club in London, a colorful dancehall, photographer Glen Luchford together with artistic direction by Christopher Simmonds capture Alessandro Michele’s latest collections in a dynamic and spontaneous video and images.

gucci_pre-fall_2017_02 gucci_pre-fall_2017_03 gucci_pre-fall_2017_04 gucci_pre-fall_2017_05 gucci_pre-fall_2017_06 gucci_pre-fall_2017_07 gucci_pre-fall_2017_08 gucci_pre-fall_2017_09 gucci_pre-fall_2017_10 gucci_pre-fall_2017_11 gucci_pre-fall_2017_12 gucci_pre-fall_2017_13 gucci_pre-fall_2017_14 gucci_pre-fall_2017_15 gucci_pre-fall_2017_16 gucci_pre-fall_2017_17 gucci_pre-fall_2017_18 gucci_pre-fall_2017_19 gucci_pre-fall_2017_20 gucci_pre-fall_2017_21 gucci_pre-fall_2017_22 gucci_pre-fall_2017_23 gucci_pre-fall_2017_24 gucci_pre-fall_2017_25 gucci_pre-fall_2017_26 gucci_pre-fall_2017_27 gucci_pre-fall_2017_28 gucci_pre-fall_2017_29 gucci_pre-fall_2017_30 gucci_pre-fall_2017_31 gucci_pre-fall_2017_32 gucci_pre-fall_2017_33 gucci_pre-fall_2017_34 gucci_pre-fall_2017_35 gucci_pre-fall_2017_36 gucci_pre-fall_2017_37 gucci_pre-fall_2017_38 gucci_pre-fall_2017_39 gucci_pre-fall_2017_40 gucci_pre-fall_2017_41 gucci_pre-fall_2017_42 gucci_pre-fall_2017_43

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