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Ad Campaign | Diesel S/S 2015 Preview by Nick Knight


Nicola Formichetti still sticking to his guns on a different campaign approach! Formichetti explains, “It’s elevating yourself. Elevating your spirit. Whatever it takes, however you do it. Wherever you are.”

The brand’s social hashtag, #DieselHigh has a variety of meanings and implications – #DieselHigh is provocative; it pushes you to live life with intensity. Being in the moment, enjoying the present, living fully – as well as spontaneity, escaping from the every day into something bigger, more immersive, more exciting.

In contrast to many brands and houses with the norm of serious faced models and overtly sexual (my personal favourite) campaigns, Diesel’s latest comes as a welcomed addition to billboards. As Formichetti says, “There are so many crazy things happening now that you don’t see people just having fun any more. The challenge was to work with an avant-garde photographer, Nick Knight, and get him to do something he’s rarely done – which is shoot people smiling. It feels spontaneous, like they are selfies and he’s just the one snapping the photo.”

Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy2     Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy3Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy4Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy5Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy6Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy7Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy8  Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy9Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy10Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy11Diesel-SS15-Campaign-Preview_fy12

Photos: Diesel

Julio Reyes



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