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Ad Campaign | Diesel F/W 2016 #FORSUCCESSFULLIVING by Terry Richardson


DIESEL IS  BACK! Celebrating the recovery of the Diesel campaign “For Successful Living” and to celebrate 30 years of presence in Japan the #FORSUCCESSFULLIVING campaign is lensed by non other than Terry Richardson. Richardson takes his overtly sexual, tongue-in-cheek approach to fashion photography to reinvigorate the brand that many have felt has gone on the wayside and I’m fucking loving it!

Directed by Nicola Formichetti, the campaign features the Abby Brothers, André Hamann, Francisco Perez, Gustavo Sanches, Jun Sung, Austin Weinreb, Alex Minsky among others.Check out the campaign video and the entire image campaign below!

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Photos & video: DIESEL

Julio Reyes



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